TRANSlational and Functional Onco-Genomics
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About the project
The TRANSFOG project aims at the systematic identification and functional characterization of novel cancer genes with high potential diagnostic and therapeutic value in breast, colon and lung cancer. The TRANSFOG Partners will bring together world recognised competences and resources to reach the following, integrated research objectives:
  • identification of novel candidate cancer genes through cancer-oriented genomic screenings, using tumour tissues as well as cellular and animal models, to generate a prioritized panel of genes involved in breast, colon and lung cancer progression and metastasis;
  • Full-length cDNA collection of the identified candidates, and setup of systems for high-throughput in vitro and in vivo gene delivery;
  • Collection of retroviral expression plasmids encoding small interfering RNAs, for systematic downregulation of candidate genes;
  • identification of new molecular targets for cancer therapy, which will involve adaptation of existing cell-based and model organisms assays to a high throughput configuration, for systematic analysis of gene gain- and loss-of function of the identified candidate genes, using vectors developed under Activities 2 and 3, and selection of genes for preclinical, proof-of concept validation of novel therapeutic targets;
  • Proteomic analysis of signal transduction and protein-protein interaction; focussed on the candidate cancer genes; this will allow better dissection of aberrant cancer signalling pathways.
  • Validation of the diagnostic potential of the identified cancer genes, towards the clinical use of diagnostic molecular signatures;
  • Generation of a shared informatics platform for data handling and gene functional annotation.
This will greatly increase Europe competitiveness, provide a huge structuring effect on the ERA in the field of functional oncogenomics, and depict several new molecular targets for anticancer drug discovery and for advanced cancer diagnosis.
OECI week

OECI Week (WG workshops; Scientific Conference and General Assembly) – Budapest, 16 to 18 June 2010.
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