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Partner 11: Agendia
Short name:
Partner name: Agendia BV
Country: The Netherlands
Role: CR (contractor)
Agendia is a SME that identifies gene expression signatures that are of diagnostic and prognostic value for the treatment of cancer. The founders of Agendia (R. Bernards and L. van 't Veer) identified the first prognostic gene expression signature in breast cancer (see Nature 415, 530-536 (2002) and New England J. Med. 347, 1999-2009 (2002)). Agendia will perform gene expression analysis using DNA microarrays on several human tumour series including further studies on breast cancer, melanoma, lymphoma and colon cancer. Using supervised classification and leave-one-out cross validation procedures, gene expression signatures are obtained that predict disease outcome in these forms of cancer. Genes that are part of such prognostic signatures are candidate targets for drug development.
Relevant Expertise
Laura van 't Veer DR
Gene expression profiling of cancer
Guido Brink MR
DNA microarray analysis (technical)
Arno Floore MR
DNA microarray analysis (technical)
  • van de Vijver, M.J., He, Y.D., van ’t Veer, L.J., Dai, H., A M Hart, A.A.M., Voskuil, D., Schreiber, G.J., Peterse, J.L., Roberts, C., Marton, M.J., Parrish, M., Atsma, D., Witteveen, A., Glas, A., Delahaye, L., van der Velde, T., Bartelink, H., Rodenhuis, S., Rutgers,E. Th., Friend, S.H. and Bernards, R.. (2002). A gene expression signature as a predictor of survival in breast cancer. New England J. Med. 347, 1999-2009.
  • van ’t Veer, L.J., Dai, H., van de Vijver, M.J., He, Y.D., Hart, A. A. M., Mao, M., Peterse, H.L., van der Kooy, K., Marton, M. J., Witteveen, A.T., Schreiber, G. J., Kerkhoven, R. M., Roberts, C., Linsley, P. S., Bernards, R., and Friend, S. H. (2002). Gene expression profiling predicts clinical outcome of breast cancer. Nature 415, 530-536.
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