TRANSlational and Functional Onco-Genomics
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Partner 4: DKFZ
Partner name: Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum
Short name: DKFZ
Country: Germany
Role: CR (contractor)
The DKFZ has carried out systematic screens with expression profiling in a number of cancers, including renal clear cell carcinoma, breast cancer, brain tumors, and GIST. In previous work within the German cDNA Consortium the partner has identified and cloned in a GATEWAY-compatible manner a set of 800 full-length open reading frames coding for proteins with unknown function. Of these 400 have already been pre-characterized with regard to the subcellular localization of the encoded proteins and 500 have been cloned for native protein expression. High-throughput assays for cell proliferation (bromodeoxyuridine incorporation) and apoptosis (Caspase-3 cleavage) are already operative. Databases for management and integration of information with data obtained from expression profiling and protein arrays have been set up. Tools for the web-presentation of this data are under development ( Given its expertise, the DKFZ will coordinate the workpackage 2, which is aimed at producing and delivering full-length verified ORFs.
Relevant Expertise
Annemarie Poustka PROF
Head of Division
Peter Lichter PROF
Head of Division
Holger Sültmann DR
RNA expression profiling
Stefan Wiemann DR
cDNA based technologies
Dorit Arlt DR
cell-based assays
Lee Bergman DR
cell-based assays
Stefanie Bechtel DR
cDNA resources
Boris Zielinski DR
CGH and matrix CGH
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  • Wessendorf et al., 2002. Automated screening for genomic imbalances using matrix-based comparative genomic hybridization. Lab Invest 82(1):47-60
  • Mollenhauer et al., 1997. DMBT1, a new member of the SRCR superfamily, on chromosome 10q25.3-q26.1 is deleted in malignant brain tumours. Nature Genet. 17, 32-39 (1997).
  • Fritz et al., 2002. Microarray-based copy number and expression profiling in dedifferentiated and pleomorphic liposarcoma. Cancer Res 2002 Jun 1;62(11):2993-8
  • Simpson, J. C., Wellenreuther, R., Poustka, A., Pepperkok, R., and Wiemann, S. Systematic subcellular localization of novel proteins identified by large scale cDNA sequencing. EMBO Rep 1, 287-292 (2000).
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