TRANSlational and Functional Onco-Genomics
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Partner 15: LICR - UPP
Partner name: Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Short name: LICR - UPP
Country: Sweden
Role: CR (contractor)
The aim of the studies at the Ludwig Institute in Uppsala is to elucidate the signaling pathways downstream of the receptors for platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) and transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) and thereby identify targets for drug discovery, which can be used to develop signal transduction antagonists; the usefulness of such antagonists will be explored in animal models and patient studies.
Relevant Expertise
Carl-Henrik Heldin PROF
Signal transduction by PDGF and TGF-beta
Ulf Hellman PROF
Mass spectrometry
Arne Östman PROF
Translational research on PDGF antagonists
Rainer Heuchel DR
Mouse genetic models
Marene Landström DR
Apoptotic signaling
Serhiy Souchelnytksyi DR
TGF-beta signaling, proteomics
Aris Moustakas DR
TGF-beta signaling; microarrys
Johan Ericsson DR
Posttranslational modifications of transcription factors
  • Pietras K, Rubin K,Sjöblom T, Buchdunger E, Sjöquist M, Heldin C-H, and Östman A. Inhibition of PDGF receptor signaling in tumor stroma enhances antitumor effect of chemotherapy. Cancer Research 62: 5476-5484, 2002
  • Edlund S, Bu S, Schuster N, Aspenström P, Heuchel R, Heldin N-H, ten Dijke P, Heldin C-H, and Landström M. Transforming growth factor-beta1-induced apoptosis of prostate cancer cells involves Smad7-dependent activation of p38 by TGF-beta-activated kinase 1 and mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 3. Molecular Biology of the Cell 14: 529-544, 2003
  • Kanamoto T, Hellman U, Heldin C-H, and Souchelnytskyi S. Functional proteomics of transforming growth factor-beta1-stimulated Mv1Lu epithelial cells: Rad51 as a target of TGF-beta-dependent regulation of DNA repair. EMBO Journal 21: 1219-1230, 2002
  • Kurisaki A, Kose S, Yoneda Y, Heldin C-H, and Moustakas A. Transforming growth factor-beta induces nuclear import of Smad3 in an importin-beta1- and Ran-dependent manner. Molecular Biology of the Cell 12: 1079-1091, 2001
  • Grönroos E, Hellman U, Heldin C-H, and Ericsson J. Control of Smad7 stability by competition between acetylation and ubiquitination. Molecular Cell 10: 483-493, 2002
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