TRANSlational and Functional Onco-Genomics
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CNIOLopez-Serra L., Ballestar E., Ropero S., Setien F., Billard L., Fraga M., Lopez-Nieva P., Alaminos M., Guerrero D., Dante R., Esteller M.Unmasking of epigenetically silenced candidate tumor suppressor genes by removal of methyl-CpG-binding domain proteins. Oncogene, 27, 3556-66 (2008)
CNIOBerdasco M., Alcázar R., García-Ortiz M., Ballestar E., Fernández A., Roldán-Arjona T., Tiburcio A., Altabella T., Buisine N., Quesneville H., Baudry A., Lepiniec L., Alaminos M., Rodríguez R., Lloyd A., Colot V., Bender J., Canal M., Esteller M., Fraga M.A mouse model for Costello syndrome reveals an Ang II–mediated hypertensive condition. J. Clin. Invest., 118-6, 2169-79 (2008)
CNIOBerdasco M., Alcázar R., García-Ortiz M., Ballestar E., Fernández A., Roldán-Arjona T., Tiburcio A., Altabella T., Buisine N., Quesneville H., Baudry A., Lepiniec L., Alaminos M., Rodríguez R., Lloyd A., Colot V., Bender J., Canal M., Esteller M., Fraga M.Promoter DNA Hypermethylation and Gene Repression in Undifferentiated Arabidopsis Cells. PLoS ONE, 3-10, e3306 (2008)
CNIOGuerra C., Schuhmacher A., Cañamero M., Grippo P., Verdaguer L., Pérez-Gallego L., Dubus P., Sandgren E., Barbacid M.Chronic Pancreatitis Is Essential for Induction of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma by K-Ras Oncogenes in Adult Mice. Cancer Cell 11, 291–302 (2007)
CNIOFraga M., Berdasco M., Ballestar E., Ropero S., Lopez-Nieva P., Lopez-Serra L., Martín-Subero J., Calasanz M., Lopez de Silanes I., Setien F., Casado S., Fernandez A., Siebert R., Stifani S., Esteller M.Epigenetic Inactivation of the Groucho Homologue Gene TLE1 in Hematologic Malignancies. Cancer Res; 68: (11), 4116-22 (2008)
CNIOJacinto F., Ballestar E., Ropero S., Esteller M.Discovery of Epigenetically Silenced Genes by Methylated DNA Immunoprecipitation in Colon Cancer Cells. Cancer Res, 67 (24), 11481-86 (2007)
CNIOAlonso S., Tracey L., Ortiz P., Pérez-Gómez B., Palacios J., Pollán M., Linares J., Serrano S., Sáez-Castillo A., Sánchez L., Pajares R., Sánchez-Aguilera A., Artiga M., Piris M., Rodríguez-Peralto J. A High-Throughput Study in Melanoma Identifies Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition as a Major Determinant of Metastasis. Cancer Res, 67 (7), 3450-60, (2007)
CNIOCalvanese V., Horrillo A., Hmadcha A., Suarez-Álvarez B., Fernandez A., Lara E., Casado S., Menendez P., Bueno C., Garcia-Castro J.,Rubio R., Lapunzina P., Alaminos M., Borghese L., Terstegge S., Harrison N., Moore H., Brüstle O., Lopez-Larrea C., Andrews P., Soria B., Esteller M., Fraga M.Cancer Genes Hypermethylated in Human Embryonic Stem Cells PLoS ONE, 3-9, e3294 (2008)
CNIOGuerra C., Schummacher A.J., Cañamero M., Grippo P.J., Verdaguer L., Pérez-Gallego L., Dubus P., Sandgren E.P., Barbacid M. Chronic Pancreatitis Is Essential for Induction of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma by K-Ras Oncogenes in Adult Mice. Cancer Cell. 11, 291-302 (2007).
CNIOBarrière C., Santamarıía D., Cerqueira A., Galán J., Martín A., Ortega S., Malumbres M., Dubus P., Barbacid M. Mice thrive without Cdk4 and Cdk2. Molecular Oncology. 1, 72-83 (2007).
DKFZSahin O., Löbke C., Korf U., Sultmann H., Poustka A., Wiemann S., Arlt D. Combinatorial RNAi strategy: The next generation of quantitative protein network analysis. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 104, 6579-6584 (2007).
DKFZWiemann S., Mehrle A., Hahne F., Hermjakob H., Apweiler R., Arlt D., Bechtel S., Bielke W., Birmingham A., Boese Q. et al MIACA The Minimum Information About a Cellular Assay, and the Cellular Assay Object Model. Nat Biotechnol 2007:in review.
EMBL-EBIChatr-aryamontri A., Kerrien S., Khadake J., Orchard S., Ceol1 A., Licata L., Castagnoli L., Costa S., Derow C., Huntley R., Aranda B., Leroy C., Thorneycroft D., Apweiler R., Cesareni G., Hermjakob H.MINT and IntAct contribute to the Second BioCreative challenge: serving the text-mining community with high quality molecular interaction data. Genome Biology, 9(Suppl 2), S5 (2008)
FLEMINGSaridaki A, Panayotou G.Identification of growth factor-regulated proteins using 2D electrophoresis and mass spectrometry. Growth Factors, 23(3), 223–232 (2005)
FLEMINGApostolou E., Thanos D.Virus Infection Induces NF-kB-Dependent Interchromosomal Associations Mediating Monoallelic IFN-β Gene Expression. Cell, 132, 1-12 (2008)
FLEMINGAgelopoulos M., Thanos D. Epigenetic determination of a cell-specific gene expression program by ATF-2 and the histone variant macroH2A. EMBO J. 25, 4843-53 (2006).
FLEMINGMylonis I., Chachami G., Samiotaki M., Panayotou G., Paraskeva E., Kalousi A., Georgatsou E., Bonanou S., Simos G. Identification of MAPK Phosphorylation Sites and Their Role in the Localization and Activity of Hypoxia-inducible Factor-1α. J Biol Chem. 281, 33095-33106 (2006).
FMIMeira M., Masson R., Stagljar I., Lienhard S., Maurer F., Boulay A., Hynes N.Memo is a novel cofilin interacting protein that influences PLCγ1 and cofilin activities, and is essential for maintaining directionality during ErbB2-induced tumor cell migration.
IFOMVecchi M., Confalonieri S., Nuciforo P., Viganò M., Capra M., Bianchi M., Nicosia D., Bianchi F., Galimberti V., Viale G., Palermo G., Riccardi A., Campanini R., Daidone M., Pierotti M., Pece S., Di Fiore P.Breast cancer metastases are molecularly distinct from their primary tumors, Oncogene, 27, 2148-58 (2008)
IFOMLusa L., McShane LM., Reid JF., De Cecco L., Ambrogi F., Biganzoli E., Gariboldi M., Pierotti MA. Challenges in projecting clustering results across gene expression profiling data sets. Submitted to JNCI
IFOMCappelletti V., Gariboldi M., De Cecco L., Toffanin S., Reid JF., Lusa L., Bajetta E., Celio L., Greco M., Fabbri A., Pierotti MA., Daidone MG. Patterns and changes in gene expression - following neo-adjuvant anti-estrogen treatment in ER-positive breast cancer. Submitted to Clin Cancer Res.
IPPWolf F., Sigl R., Geley S. . ‘…the end of the beginning.’ Cdk thresholds and exit from mitosis. Cell Cycle 2007. In press.
IPPWolf F., Wandke C., Isenberg N., Geley S. Dose-dependent effects of stable cyclin B1 on progression through mitosis in human cells. EMBO J. 25, 2802-13 (2006).
IRCCMira A., Isella C., Renzulli T., Cantarella D., Martelli M. L. and Medico E.The GAB2 signaling scaffold promotes anchorage independence and drives a transcriptional response associated with metastatic progression of breast cancer. Oncogene, 28, 4444–55 (2009)
IRCCMedico E., TRANSFOG ConsortiumTranslational and functional oncogenomics. From cancer-oriented genomic screenings to new diagnostic tools and improved cancer treatment. Tumori, 94, 172-178 (2008)
IRCCCorso S., Migliore C., Ghiso E., De Rosa G., Comoglio PM., Giordano S. Silencing the MET oncogene leads to regression of experimental tumors and metastases. Oncogene accepted for publication.
IRCCFu L., Medico E. FLAMEFLAME, a novel fuzzy clustering method for the analysis of DNA microarray data. BMC Bioinformatics. 4, 8-3 (2007).
IRCCArena, S., Isella, C., Martini, M., de Marco, A., Medico E., Bardelli, A. KnockKnock-in of oncogenic Kras does not transform mouse somatic cells but triggers a transcriptional response that classifies human cancers. Cancer Res. 67, 8468-76 (2007).
LICR-UCLDurán M.C., Vega F., Moreno-Bueno G., Artiga M.J., Sanchez L., Palacios J., Ridley A.J. and Timms J.F. Characterisation of Tumoral Markers Correlated with ErbB2 (HER2/Neu) Overexpression and Metastasis in Breast Cancer (2007) submitted
LICR-UPPAmagasaki et al J. c-Jun N-terminal Kinase Is Necessary for Platelet-derived Growth Factor-mediated Chemotaxis in Primary Fibroblasts, Biol. Chem. 281, 22173-22179 (2006).
UMCUVan der Horst A., de Vries-Smits AM., Brenkman AB., van Triest MH., Van den Broek N., Colland F., Maurice, MM. Burgering, BM.FOXO4 transcriptional activity is regulated by monoubiquitination and USP7/HAUSP. Nat Cell Biol. 8, 1064-73 (2006).
UMCUMehrle A., Rosenfelder H., Schupp I., Del Val C., Arlt D., Hahne F., Bechtel S., Simpson JC., Hofman O., Hide W. et al The LIFEdb database in 2006. The LIFEdb database in 2006, Nucleic Acids Res. 34, D415-418 (2006).
WISShtiegman K., Kochupurakkal B. S., Zwang Y., Pines G., Starr A., Vexler A., Citri A., Katz M., Lavi S., Ben-Basat Y., Benjamin S., Corso S., Gan J., Ben-Yosef R., Giordano S., and Yarden Y. (2007). Defective ubiquitinylation of EGFR mutants of lung cancer confers prolonged signaling. Oncogene, Epub ahead of print.
WISAmit I., Citri A., Shay T., Lu Y., Katz M., Zhang F., Tarcic G., Siwak D., Lahad J., Jacob-Hirsch J., Amariglio N., Vaisman N., Segal E., Rechavi G., Alon U., Mills G. B., Domany E., and Yarden, Y. A module of negative feedback regulators defines growth factor signaling. Nature Genetics 39, 503-512 (2007).
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